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    OK, the slides themselves are the 'microfiche' (microfilm). The layout you've described is a 'grid'. It works well when you have a nice 2-dimensional system in place (Author/Title) but it's terrible when there's more to be filtered on (Artist/Album/Oh shit what now).

    It's actually worse on the XMB because the first dimension is always the category e.g. Music so based on the design philosophy - and this is what they actually did initially - they should return every single music track on the system. The folders are the end-result of this problem.

    I'd urge you to play with an Apple TV (it's just what I've got in the house so I know it proves my point... don't paint me as an Apple fanboy). The music app, for instance, allows me to dig down N layers of meta data in any logical order I want to find the song/s I want to play. And because the whole device is built around the same UI philosophy I never feel like I'm being yanked from one app to another; which is exactly what the PS3 has to do to offer any real functionality whatsoever.

    As nice as the XMB was to start with, it was actually a very short sighted design, it just can't accommodate all the data it needs to nowadays. They'd be completely mad to build another grid based menu.

    21 consoles, 5 handhelds, 2 PCs, 1 Mac and about 700 games from the past 30 years. Every major manufacturer and developer represented. Still a fanboy for disagreeing with you.

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