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    King_Edward wrote:
    SG59 wrote:
    I wonder how many people actually want Gaikai to be honest. I'm sure at the start people will use it a lot, but I wonder if that will continue. I personally don't see me using it that much...
    In a world of 40gb downloads I think it could be really useful. Failing that though I'd probably just use it for demos.

    It's coming to PS3 right? So it's not like I have to spend 350 to find out if it'll work.
    Being able to start playing a download game immediately, and worrying about the download later would be wonderful, then there's demos, Vita games and being able to play your library potentially anywhere, if they end up releasing a Sky Go-esque app for Playstation Plus subscribers.

    Oh, there's loads of opportunities there, because of the cloud saves. Playing a random one of your games from the past 10 years on your mate's PS3 without a download?

    Maybe multiplayer with one person on a tablet over Gaikai, with the other on the PS3/4, or one on your PS4, and another on the PS3 at your mate's house?

    Count me in, if it progresses to that point over the next few years.
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