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  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 23:20:49
    vizzini wrote:
    Think back to when you were a kid, and ask yourself if the live gold and PS+ sub for your parents is a cost that would have excluded you or your friends from a major part of game culture. We've all grown up; except Deackard1, and to be high value gamers, and if they want the market to grow bigger they need to remember to keep the entry costs to merely owning the console/game + common household services(electricity/internet access). Getting my own new games each year was special occasions or hard work saving, so I wouldn't want to deprive others following in our wake that opportunity to enjoy games.

    Paying like the rest of the idiots is something I can do, but it isn't in the interests of widening and improving the games industry, and sony certainly can't claim that putting it behind PS+ is thinking about things from the gamer's perspective.
    That's a nice point of view, but how are these same kids affording consoles and Ł40 games new, when they cannot afford a Ł30 gold sub?
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