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    Mr-Brett wrote:
    Those concepts are all extreme but then who wants to look at a concept that looks like a dvd player?

    The boomerang may look awful (to you anyway, looks fine to me) but ergonomically it looks a fuck ton better than the dual shock so all of those people that complained about it years ago are partly responsible for the DS3, I expect there's a large cross-over with people that complain about the DS3 too.

    Gaikai won't be free, it'll be part of PS+ which will probably cost more and maybe even be a requirement of online play.

    The PS4 won't be £300 either, at the lowest I'd say £350 but it will probably depend on what the next Xbox costs.
    All this basically tho may get a cheap basic model for about £300.

    Gaikai PS+ is fine by me but think may get free online but really basic. Gaikai with access to PS3 games? Having some of that
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