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    @Darren I think your maths is a bit wonky.

    Either; by buying the bigger drive you are paying a 67% premium for 33% extra or by taking the smaller drive you are only paying 67% of the price for 75% of the space. I'm being pedantic but by comparing the worst figures of both interpretations it is making it sound even worse.

    In any case, memory prices always experience massive changes. I would say for me it comes down to, how frequently do you want to have to back up your PS4. If you plan to do two HDD changes in it's life time then that is two evenings lost to backing up. If you try to grin and bear it with the 2TB drive you might get away with only having to do it once.

    Based on my experience doing this for the ps3, I never want to change a console HDD again (unless I can do it while there isn't much stuff on there), because it was painful. I don't know if the PS4 is any better for this. Considering how quickly my PS4 downloaded everything this time, I think I'd just back up saves and re download everything else.
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