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    My personal experience is that my 360, which has been used heavily since I bought it in 2008, still works after over five years, whereas my PS4 barely lasted a week of very light use indeed. Of course that doesn't negate your stats (although I'm not sure I trust the PS4 one), but it does explain why I don't care about them.

    In fact, with the exception of my Vita I've actually never owned a single piece of Sony hardware that I haven't had to return due to a manufacturing fault. Even the Playstation 3D monitor I bought a while back (I don't need a TV here, so I was in the tiny percentage of gamers for whom the product was a reasonable proposition) had a line of dead pixels running the full height of the screen. Am I ridiculously unlucky, or is their manufacturing just absolutely shit?

    Edit - and more importantly, half-decent support would have been nice, rather than no support whatsoever.

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