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    Gregolution wrote:

    You can prefer non action games, thats fine. I just disagree they dont work on the Vita. And waggle is hardly the same as gyro assisted aiming. Its a very subtle movement in your wrists used in conjunction with the sticks. As mentioned previously, I can aim better with that than with the Ds4.
    Do you hold the Vita up in the air in front of your face and shift it around? If so, that's waggle. If you need a new term to account for the subtlety of the waggle, let's called it wiggle.

    I personally prefer giving new ideas a chance rather than dismissing them as not something I'd use without trying them. And then declaring the controls dont work well on a public forum
    Well you are clearly morally and intellectually superior. Motion controls are not a new idea though, and there isn't a single situation where I play a handheld that I'd want to wiggle, and I find the tiny sticks loose, difficult to use and impossible to be precise with, and not fun. My suggestion remains that anyone considering buying one playtest it first.
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