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    @Gregolution Killzone Mercenary is what made me realise I'd made a mistake buying the vita. I'm too old to be retraining my suffering thumbs to get precision out of teensy sticks. I can barely hold the thing.

    All I recommend to people is to do what I didn't do: play test one before you buy it. There's some very cool stuff going on in the Vita but for me it's like a man with no arms and no legs buying himself a Porsche. It's a bit of a conundrum really, 3DS has games I want but I dislike the hardware and its price point, and I like the general design of the vita except it should come with handgrips (and built in memory in addition to the upgradable/swapable memory) but Sony doesn't appear to have software I like on a handheld, which is generally turn/based stuff not reliant on precise action.
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