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    dunny wrote:
    To anyone on the fence about ordering digital copies from the US store and using on a UK account, I can confirm from personal experience that it works fine using the steps outlined here

    I actually bought the digital PS3 version of BF4+Premium on amazon.com for 75 dollars (45 quid) then I also bought a 10 dollar PSN card (6 quid). Applied both to my newly-created US PSN account, then purchased the 'PS3 to PS4' upgrade for 9.99 using my credit. I then logged back into my UK account and the game and premium subscription downloaded and works just fine.

    That was a special case, but if the game you want is on the US Amazon PSN store then it is an even simpler process of course.

    Word of advice though: don't be surprised when buying PSN credit or a digital code if it takes a while to go through. Took about 40 mins in total but the codes arrived in my inbox no problem.

    Seriously thinking about going digital for more games via this method- a normal full price release works out about 37 quid.
    Would it be reasonable to think I could sign up for a US PS+ account and get all their PS+ Freebies on my UK PS4 logged into my US or UK PSN account?

    Does that make sense?

    Edit: in the future I mean. Not now, seeing as we all have the same freebies and they will all be pretty limited for the first few months.

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