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    That Kevin O' Sullivan chap (who I think is a twonk, but anyway) thinks this is one of the greatest shows ever made - touching, sensitive, kind, and a really great autistic characterisation, he reckons.

    Doesn't Gervais himself refuses to acknowledge it's anything to do with autism, and that Derek is just 'special'?

    There's a guy at my work that whenever this show is mentioned by anyone (usually in a sentence that ends with "... it's utter rubbish" ) gets INCREDIBLY enthusiastic about how AMAAAAZING it is and how Gervais is "literally a saint" for making it and how he's become one of "the greatest living actors, frankly" and how the talent and the writing "is so good it makes me cry" and that "Karl Pilkington is a comedy genius".

    None of these things are true (except probably the crying bit, he's a bit like that).

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