#8468380, By dadrester This is why HMV is going down the toilet. Vita bargain thread..

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    So I finally got my Vita today and I'll share my adventure with you.

    Drove to ASDA to get a wifi for £197. Bought it and trapsed over to HMV in the shopping centre nearby. Immediately traded it in for £220 giving me an instant £23 profit. I Got the 3G along with a free copy of uncharted and becuase I was trading in hardware against the Vita I got another £10 off the price, which was £279.99.

    So far I'd spent £197 plus £49.99 and got Uncharted, a 3G vita and about a fiver's worth of HMV reward points.

    I drove home, dropped off Uncharted, stuck the vita in my backpack and headed into town, to the other HMV, where I preceded to trade in my brand spanking new 3G Vita for... another Vita. This time I got a free copy of FIFA, and becuase the trade in value was £270, plus the extra £10 off, I walked out with a Copy of FIFA, a 3G Vita, about another £5 in reward points and a gift card for 1p.

    I actually traded FIFA in at Granger games straight away against a 16GB memory stick which cost me another £15, mainly because I'd just spent £5 on topping up the Vodafone sim to redeem my free copy of Wipeout.

    So all in all, today, for a grand total of £266.98 I got a 3G Vita, Uncharted, Wipeout, a 16gb memory stick, 250meg of Vodafone data, and about £10 of store credit at HMV.

    If I feel like a proper chancer and they've not updated the trade in prices I might go swap the Vita again and net FIFA and another fiver of reward points.

    ... and HMV wonder why they're struggling.
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