#8704196, By Psiloc Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

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    About half way through this on PS3. It's a vast, vast improvement on episode 1. The physics are greatly improved and are a lot closer to the Megadrive's. I wouldn't say they're a 1:1 match but they're close enough that I wouldn't call it an issue any more.

    Stages so far have been imaginative and fun to play, and the co-op stuff is surprisingly well implemented. The special stages are a lot of fun and in terms of a comparison are like a cross between Sonic 2's and Sonic 3D's.

    About the only let down is, so far, the music. It's not terrible, in fact it's quite catchy, but it's the same harsh electronic sounding arrangement as the first game which kind of grates. Not a deal breaker though at all.

    Anyway, any MD-era Sonic fan should definitely give this a try.

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