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    Well, I'm typing this on my phone after getting our little girl home for the first (long) night after being born on Wednesday.

    So far, the good - I was surprised at how quickly I absolutely fell in love with her. It's just the most rewarding thing to be with her and the bond is intense!

    The bad, I was unprepared for just how much the birth took out of my wife - it really put her through the wringer and that is hard to watch at the time. Recovery can take a while and its horrible to see the consequences.

    Also - as the other guys have said - tiring, just when you've been through the most draining experience of your life, you have to stay up all night and feed, change etc.

    That's about all I know so far! Best of luck for the birth - stay relaxed (or at least look like you are) and when the baby is here and your wife is in hospital - catch up on sleep!!!

    Ps. How do I join the dads group - I could use some advice/ encouragement!
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