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    Willhelm331 wrote:
    David_Richardson wrote:
    Anybody got any fortune cookie stuff they want to trade? I have:

    Triple Red Shells x 3
    Kart x 2
    Bad Bro's Stache x 3
    Yoshi's Egg x 2
    1-Up Mushroom x 2
    Varia Suit
    Should post this in the group forum. Anyway, I have a spare peach's parasol, big bro's stache (x2), triple banana, ? Block, pipe, fi's mask (x2) and blue pikmin hat up for trade.
    I'm blocked from it, unfortunately.

    I need Peach's Parasol, Fi's Mask and the Pikmin hat. What would you like in return?

    Edit: I can get to the group now, weirdly.

    Edit 2: Ah, MrTom invited me!

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