#8352484, By silversun New games but not sure which to get.

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    This is a sort of thread about origonal games and not the many sequels that are out.

    First up, i am looking at 4 new games which are all out around the same time.
    All of which i intrested in but i know there other games i am buying around this time so looking at bit of advice on what to do with these 4 games.

    The games are neverdead, inversion, binary domain and asuras wrath.

    With some big games out around this time like final fantasy, resident evil and soul calibur v and the last story you can see why i would put off buying these games but they all look intresting.

    I will be picking up binary domain but the other 3 i might wait till price drop on them even though i though the asura wrath demo was great.

    I also know a game i am not intrested in but alot of buzz about, kingdom of almalur which is out around the same time.

    So this thread is really 2 thing one what is view on the 4 games i listed and 2nd what other games that are new are people finding intresting atm.

    Edit: sorry tried make this thread a bit eaiser to read.

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