#8427183, By Andee Playstation Vita "I've Pre-ordered!" thread

  • Andee 16 Feb 2012 00:04:38 974 posts
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    Is the FIFA actually being based on the 11 engine now confirmed then?

    All I've been able to find is conflicting info, with suggestions it's a hybrid of 11 and 12, and that the reason for the '12' missing on the title is that EA don't number their first version on a platform or something. Strange how there seems to be little proper info, but the EA website claims it uses the same "physics based, data driven technology" as the PS3 version.

    Oh well, I've gone for the Morrisons deal now anyway. At effectively Ł225 with FIFA and a 4GB card it still seems a decent enough deal, and will be grabbing Everybody's Golf via PSN on launch day.
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