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    I just had BT Infinity installed. It is pretty awesome-

    59.92 down
    9.02 up

    connected wirelessly.

    That's an increase from about 3 up/0.4 down ^_^
    That's really good, I'm on BT Infinity and get around 18 down and up. However they definitely throttle my download speeds on weekday evenings which pisses me off as they claimed they wouldn't do that when I ordered it.
    The only thing BT should throttle is torrents i think.
    Yeah should have clarified that was torrent download speeds. Bloody annoying as I was looking forward to watching The Walking Dead last night after a shitty day at work.
    Turn encryption on in the torrent client settings and it avoids the throttle. At least most of the time it does.
    Never knew that! That used to piss me off when o2 throttled my speed!
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