#8323056, By Trade in value on 3DS + games

  • Deleted user 10 January 2012 17:02:28
    Thanks - Luckily no disc in the drive.

    A few reasons really:

    I have shit loads of psn games. 20 or so. What a waste, I'd just got costume quest and was enjoying it immensely

    It's the platform I spend most time on, don't touch the 3ds much, normally during the x-factor - never travel on buses, trams or trains - always drive. I have a young daughter so playing it on holiday is out of the question too haha

    Owning accessories like a steering wheel and xfps rateup adapter etc

    And finally, Trophies - sad I know, but got a bit a long running, friendly competition going on at work

    BTW - there seems to be a trick to get the disc out the drive on youtube too.

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