#9333260, By mcmonkeyplc High Speed Trains in the UK

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    elstoof wrote:
    Increases in speed = increased capacity. I don't see how it could possibly help distribute wealth from the south east, if anything it'll make it easier to justify basing your operations in London because you could expect people to travel the extra distance. Bye bye satellite operations in Birmingham, we've just rented a mega office in Guildford. Thanks HS2 and Crossrail!
    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    So people commuting to London where they can get paid more won't benefit the local economies of where these people live?

    People won't spend their money locally at all? Won't be able to afford bigger housing? Won't be able to afford newer cars? Won't shop at their local supermarkets...

    Companies won't want to operate in area's where the land is cheaper, office space is cheaper but they still have easy fast access to the capital?

    Come and get it cumslingers!

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