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    basmans_grob wrote:
    I haven't had any really problems with the very few bugs that appear.

    Don't forget people only take to the forums when things go wrong. Once in 23+ games I had a teleport thing but because my squad was in over watch it worked out worse for them than me....
    This is my second playthrough and my second (third?) post about it. My first playthrough (Classic) didn't seem to have the permanently-wounded bugs and the game was a much better experience for it, as my dozens of positive posts here at the time attested.

    In fact, I've had a couple of other strange quirks this playthrough, too - a berserker just did nothing on his turn (except breathe), and none of the controls responded, so 15 minutes later I had to force the app to close. Escape key seems to sometimes stop working at the base, as well.

    I'm still having fun, but I'm worried that my sole psychic will suffer permawound and it'll fuck up my playthrough royally (I'm taking GOOD care of her). Trying to imagine a subplot where the aliens are secretly stealing my wounded soldiers from the hospital just isn't cutting it any more, sadly.

    I'm usually very lucky with bugs in games, but I also don't post completely useless "I haven't had any bugs, so it's clearly a minor issue" bullshit. The number of bugs reported in this thread is far higher than most other games threads on EG (you can find more games threads here to compare, basmans_grob), and pretending that they don't exist and that they don't affect game experiences is hardly constructive. I was actually hoping that someone here might know of a fix, as Googling didn't help - it just threw up plenty of people with the same problem. :|
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