#9145063, By mur07 XCOM: enemy unknown (no not that one, not that one either)

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    Near the end (I think) of my first run on normal (non IM) and cheated a few reloads after one particularly brutal mission (3 Sectopods, two Discs and eight Elite Mutons on a Barge .

    All squad members named after writers, and I swear the game somehow knows.

    Col JG "Axle" Ballard was killed by an exploding car (I couldn't believe it) while Maj William "Gunner" Burroughs was mind controlled (again) and had to be laid to rest by Iain "Slot" Banks. I've still got Col Salman "Eagle" Rushdie... but for how long?

    I replayed the original Xcom a few months back in preparation for what I thought would be a huge disappointment. So wrong.

    They've absolutely nailed what makes Xcom such a classic, and while it can be quite buggy and annoying, it's going on the never trade shelf, along with the Orange Box and RUSE.

    Dreading Classic Ironman.

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