#9071968, By hiddenranbir XCOM: enemy unknown (no not that one, not that one either)

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    As sad as I was to lose my initial captains to a failed mission, I did soldier on. While we may remember the heroes of old, this is a war, and in a war new heroes arise every day.

    Her codename is HARDCORE. She finishes every mission with a dash to the alien's position and unloads a shotgun shell in the face. Yes, she is HARDCORE.

    Finally got some laser weaponry and carapace armour. Finally got engineers, saved China from leaving the project. This is all from my game 2 which I had initially thought of giving up because I lost my two first captains. But stay strong! This war doesn't end until the fat lady sings or you get that really creepy game over cut scene (which I rushed to get in game 1 when I gave up!)

    Best game of the month. I tried Dishonored, feels like how I felt with RAGE. It looks okay, plays okay...but just isn't as tense, dramatic or as exciting as X-COM.

    I can't wait for the modding allowed on this, maybe fix some of the clipping, new maps, new events, new stuff!

    And just because I'm in that morning mood::::: ME3 earth reaper invasion was shit and they should have made it like a proper RPG, like X-COM! YEAH! FUCK YEAH!
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