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    I think you may be right about AC being the new flagship, but what with this game being the final installment, I wonder which game they will favour next. My first guess is being plenty of DLC for AC3. But perhaps we should also consider Rayman as being their main flagship, seeing how many games there are and the spin off rabbids.

    I have to say, I am a huge fan of the AC3 series but have never really gotten into Desmond Miles. I enjoyed 2 and its extra additions the most but just felt following Desmonds story a bit of a drag. You had a free world to explore only to be brought back into a very linear part for 10 mins. But overall the games were fun. AC3 is no exception.

    Beautiful visuals, fun gameplay, interesting story and plenty of explorable content. I think Ubisoft have shone through this year with AC3 and Farcry 3.
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