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    Well I've done 30 missions in TSW now and still in the starting area. The game is pretty cool and a bit different from the standard mmo. I like how my appearance isn't tied into my clothing but into trinkets so I can at least look consistent in the world. The real world setting mixed with the occult is an interesting look and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the world.

    The quests are a mixed bag with the straight out combat ones typically being the dull kill x of this but the investigation type ones are cool and its great to see a mmo with a puzzle element to them. The combat is a bit lacking at the moment but its functional and it seems easy enough to switch styles around. Think I'm essentially a dps with my pistol/sword combo.

    The graphics in teh most part are pretty good although my system does start to strugle when there is a lot going on so mite switch a few things down a little. The voice acting is pretty good on average but a lack of subtitles during cutscenes is annoying me a little.

    Also the community seem to be ok if a little quiet at times. I've asked for help a few times and had friendly responses back fairly quick.

    One more issue is that it seems every quest is repeatable so I hope it indicates if you've done it already as I can see myself forgetting what I've done if I take a break from the game.
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