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    D_arkTrooper wrote:
    I had the original Space Lego when I was a kid. It was all kept in a box in the back room and was played with HEAVILY by myself and my nephew when he came to visit years later. I had the urge to dig it all out, rebuild and check what was missing a year or so ago and after buying a load of spares from eBay and a couple of sets I didn't actually own at the time, this was the end result:

    Wow, that is so nice set! I used to have some of those as well. I had a big cargo spaceship, a bit similar than the big ship in video. And a space robot with batteries, lights and noise. :)

    I still have a lot of old school castle legos somewhere - a big yellow and gray castles and some a little newer Robin Hood stuff. I should check them out.
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