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    Really hope they don't screw us on the cost of the PSN version. Money grabbing evil jerks.
    It's £40 on PSN. Which, given publishers' usual pricing is a really decent deal. I would have rather seen it £30, but regardless Sony continue to be the only (?) publisher who understands digital pricing.
    How do you know the price already? It could really sort me out re: waiting for my copy to arrive, if this is the case.
    When you finish the demo you can choose to buy it from the PSN store; I had a look and it was listed there for £40.

    Edit - sorry about double posts. I'm on my phone and multi-quoting is awkward.
    Ah KK. Hmm, not sure what to do. £40 on PSN sounds like an absolute steal for me. Almost too good to be true to be honest. Is there a history of these things being set in stone? As in, it that definitely the price they'll stick with?

    Basically, if that's the actual price I'll cancel the pre-order and wait for the PSN version as it'll mean I get the game day one instead of two weeks down the line.
    Quick Update. Cancelled the Simplygames pre-order and have gone for the PSN pre-order. £39.99 with a choice of pre-order bonus stuff which I can't remember...

    If this becomes the norm - £40 for a digital version of a AAA title then going 100% digital will be a non issue for me. Save money and get the game on release day. What's not to love?
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