#8232002, By porkface Sneakily changing controversial articles - would appreciate some official feedback

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    I was the one who was ultimately responsible for commissioning this piece, as well as the one who edited out the offending section, so I wanted to clear things up/offer an explanation.

    There was a paragraph in the original version of the article that linked to ROM sites, and it did find its way to the site. This clashes with our forum policy whereby we delete links to ROM sites, and hence it was taken down a few minutes after publication - it was our own call, and had nothing to do with outside pressures whatsoever. I neglected to note the changes on the site as it happened so soon after the piece was published, but I realize that this was wrong - I should have flagged it up as soon as the edit was made, and for that I apologise.

    Emulation is obviously a huge grey area on which there are a lot of strong and hugely contrasting feelings - as the reaction to this piece has proved. I'm not entirely for it or entirely against it, but as long as gaming back catalogues are so far out of reach for technical reasons or just through lack of availability, it's an inevitable part of gaming. And it's important to note that the emulation scene does invaluable work preserving areas of gaming that publishers don't support.

    It's not ideal, but it's what we're stuck with at the moment - and hence I felt this guide was a worthy and useful piece to have on the site for those who wish to pursue emulation on their Android phones.
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