#9498543, By RIP Margaret Thatcher

  • Deleted user 11 April 2013 12:26:48

    With his rigorous austerity policy, Osborne is trying to repeat the Thatcherite economic miracle. But this time the people don't regard scaling back the government as liberation. They know that the entire country has to tighten its belt after the excesses of the boom era.

    This doesn't make sense.
    I found it somewhat confusing myself, (perhaps due to inadequacies in the translation). I think the point that they're trying to make is that the wealthy and the financial sector need to be compelled to make sacrifices as well - which is the opposite of the Thatcherite view that they need to be comforted with tax cuts, deregulation, etc... and the burden of austerity should fall mostly (if not solely) on the poor in the form of welfare cuts, lower wages, etc..
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