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    altitude2k wrote:
    I can't believe that the news of a lack of a real name option on XBL is getting front-page coverage left right and centre, but the fact that Xbox Live Compute is free to all developers (effectively granting dedicated servers for all One games if the developer chooses - even indies) is barely mentioned on any gaming sites.
    Microsoft can't explain their way out of a paper bag with Xbox One.

    I hesitate to believe them on dedicated servers, that could be any feature from something like saved games to hosting so who knows what is free and what isn't.

    Respawn who make Titanfall said they get servers from Microsoft at a discount. Now, that doesn't sound free does it ?

    Has something changed, do big games get a pass, hosting multiplayer games isn't included in the free package. Once again, we don't have a clear picture from Microsoft. If it really was that good don't you think they would be a lot more vocal. Very muddy waters.

    It would be great but Microsoft need to be clear.
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