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    IronGiant wrote:
    Dizzy wrote:
    @SomaticSense So walking up to your telly and saying "Xbox : on", "Xbox : play Halo 10" is not cool? Instead of trying to find your controller, shouting at your daughter for losing it again, finding it, browsing through the list of games and starting Halo 10 finally. Oh... shit... where is my headset now? ;)

    BTW "Xbox : on" will apparently also fire up all your connected devices (if supported).
    Are you being serious? I haven't lost a joypad ever, talking to a console is not 'cool' in any way shape or form. It's a gimmick for the sake of it. Though I have to admit scrolling through my list of games is very tiring, pressing that down button on the pad is tough especially as you get older. Also, and this may come as a shock to you, but if I want to play a team game online I'll get the headset ready first. MS are being sly and money grabbing on the headset issue even you can see that through your green tinted specs.

    Honestly please just stop this, you're worse than Negotiator1 and that really is an achievement.
    Also, in the situation dizzy has presented us with, once the game has loaded up, you are still going to need to find your lost controller to actually play the game...

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