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    None of these restrictions bother me at all. Nor do they affect me. They probably won't affect you either but you like imagining situations where it might and basing your vitriol on some misguided sense of solidarity.

    Also, we still don't know the full extent of the restrictions, but yeah, let's all guess and work ourselves up into frenzy about something we don't actually know everything about.
    Not really, they affect all of us.

    - If your broadband goes down for more than a day, you can't play your games
    - If your Kinect gets broken, you can't play your games
    Do you know that for a fact? Or are you making assumptions based on the limited info we have at present?
    I assume your talking about the Kinect connection?

    Its been reported everywhere....

    You can turn it off once the Xbox is on, but you need to have it plugged in in order to turn the thing on.

    It makes sense to MS when you think about it, they want to tell devs and pubs that every XboxOne has a Kinect. If I had a xBone, my Kinect would probably need up gathering dust in a cupboard. This way, it can't.
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