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    anon_ wrote:
    I'll probably get an Xbox One. Mainly because a) I prefer the controller, b) the multimedia services appeal to me, and c) I like the Metro UI.

    However, while I don't buy or sell used games, and have a pretty decent internet connection (so Microsoft's DRM policies won't really affect me in any great way), they do seem a little bone-headed and tone deaf to say the least.
    I agree with your first paragraph, prefer the XBox controller, like the idea of being able to use it as a media centre and think I would use Kinetic. I don't sell my games, only rarely buy second hand ones & my interenet connection is generally sound. Saying all that I will more than likely go PS4 if I join in this round of console at all. I don't think MS should be rewarded in any shape or form for trying , or allowing publishers through their system, to shaft their users. Internet connections do have blips or are sometimes not available and I don't think even they know how their second hand market is going to work.

    Hopefully a good swift kick where it hurts them the most will get them back on track. Or even better, make them backtrack.
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