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    In between games of Killzone SF I've been keeping an eye on the GAF thread, been a couple of leaks on Instagram.

    Current one has some short videos.

    Titanfall Leaks

    Now that half of you are browsing crappy unauthorized cellphone pics...


    All textures in this Alpha Test build are at 25% of the final game's resolution. So if you're staring at a 256x256 texture, that's actually a 1024x1024 texture in the real game. 512? That's a 2048. It's a huge, huge, huge difference. Especially on terrain, weapons, cockpits, hands, effects, etc.

    There's a reason the build is under NDA. It's not for showing off, or giving people a fair idea of what the game looks like, or for pixel counting. You'll still have your chance to scream "lolz pixels lazy devs Goldeneye N64 lololololol", but now is not the time.
    Thought I'd post this as the leaked build screenshots look pretty ropey. The information is from a Respawn dev, the reason it is written this way is he posted it on GAF.

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