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    So, received this yesterday and just had a two hour session, where I completed the 50cc new tracks. Here's my comments:

    1) When did Nintendo stop printing manuals?

    2) The game is quite fun, but best Mario Kart ever> Not really. I still believe the original was the best. It's simplicity, possibility for pinpoint accuracy, both the driving part and the using of the (more limited for the best) power ups, made for a much more exciting game. Nothing used to beat a well aimed green shell from well behind right on the finish line to snatch 1st place from your opponent!

    3) That said, 7 is probably the second best. The tracks are fun, the hang-glider is very good addition, the underwater part is not at all annoying (which I expected it to be), and the on-line features seem quite good. All in all a good package.

    P.s. WHERE IS MY CUP AWARD CEREMONY NINTENDO? What's with that stupid ending after each cup is completed? It's so bland, no charm at all.
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