#8238068, By LR100 XBox 360 Dashboard Update November 2011

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    Most of this will sound petty, but it's bloody annoying. I don't like having a bing tab, don't like the noise that's made scrolling through the tabs, don't like that adverts take up most of the space, don't like that games if 4th after social and tv/video and I don't like the way scrolling through friends is like now. Why is it so hard for companies (including others like Google) to let users customise how they view stuff instead of forcing everything on them with no options at all?

    I got annoyed when instead of being able to just view the videos on my xbox HD, I had to load zune and then wait for it to 'find' all of my media before I could view any of it, despite being right there on the HD and not having to be streamed! It's almost as if Microsoft have taken feedback and then decided to do the opposite of what people want on purpose1!

    Not saying it's all bad, it looks alright (but then I don't have any premium themes purchased). It's just annoying when a games console prioritises streaming media and twitter before actual games, it shows that somethings gone wrong there, hasn't it? I don't want to use my Xbox as a media hub, that's what my PC and my blu-ray player are for. I only want to use my xbox to play games, why have you made it harder to do that, Microsoft?

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