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  • Deleted user 2 February 2012 12:34:59
    ecureuil wrote:
    Co-op is the main game missions, and it's fantastic. Turns a good game in to a great one, and you haven't properly played this game until you've done it. I only knew one other guy with a PSP, so I never got to try more than 2 player. It's so much better, even with just 2.

    Much appreciated Ecu, cheers :)
    Did the PSP vers. have the Deathmatch option or not?

    Fook if i know though which system to get it for, as i said above, my Gold sub has ended and i really don't know if it's worth subscribing again just for the sake of some P.W multi and (maybe) Binary Domain in late February, hmmm...

    Anyway, can't wait to replay some of the best games in VG history - MGS3 especially easily sits in my top 5 of all time...
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