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    Psychotext wrote:
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    Psychotext wrote:
    Just out of interest, how do you explain Forza and Ryse then vizzini? Let me guess, they've actually put Nvidia Titans into their devkits and we shouldn't trust them?

    You're batshit.
    Have you got a link to the Forza 5 gameplay footage? I've seen so-called gameplay that is all engine rendering of replay angles (and apparently using the cloud), but I still haven't seen any good old fashioned gameplay footage.

    Ryze on the other hand wasn't that great imo. It is still UE3 with a little uplift. It reminded me of the bourne identity game this generation that tanked.
    1: http://gamersyde.com/news_e3_forza_5_in_1080p_resolution-14253_en.html / http://gamersyde.com/news_e3_a_little_more_forza_5_in_60_fps-14251_en.html /

    Thanks for the link.


    A little disappointed with that, if this is next-gen on X180. Even with the advantage of camera views that are easier on performance and visuals(road camera being the real test) the visuals are only just slightly better than GT5 in some ways(no screen tear, wider distance to the cubemapped world, and some extra lighting amongst a lot of static lighting tricks, damage is a bonus, but no AI) GT5's visual and lighting detail goes much further into the background from what I remember, so I'd be hard pressed to say it is impressive, compared to the 7years younger GT HD Concept running on the PS3 it is very, so what?

    If you can't see through the set of smoke and mirrors tricks that are already used this generation then I'd conceded it looks amazing. It isn't amazing.
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