#9666449, By Next generation of consoles come in

  • Deleted user 20 June 2013 01:35:15

    At 200 I didn't care too much about the technical specs of Wii, but at 200 for a handheld I did, and at 500-350 for a home console I deeply care about the technical specs.

    You are also wrong about the X180 videos. At best you can claim they are running on devkits of unknown specs that haven't been confirmed for the final product. I hope you are correct, but you should want to know the technical specs of final X180, so then we can look at those videos and make reasoned arguments is the 1080p? 2k? 4K? Video of BF4 shown at E3 on the projector at 60fps likely to be manageable on less than 1teraflop/sec GPU as rumoured.

    I'm not getting at MS's new console, just their lack of transparency on the value proposition being offered.


    I can still vaguely see the annotated double page PCB image in my mind of the SNES from my friend's magazine I was reading.
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