#9666429, By Next generation of consoles come in

  • Deleted user 20 June 2013 01:13:19

    No, that is the case. I can vaguely remembering reading all about the SNES and Megadrive hardware(and the rest) before they were released in the world.

    You are also missing another important part of the transaction. Are the X180 goods as described? If you don't know the hardware specs how can you assess if the game footage you've seen is plausible based on what you know of the hardware? Milo and kinect anyone?

    Have you already forgotten the 3DS launch? DF initially made all sorts of claims about the consoles performance and expect game experiences because it did 3D (before release). Just from reading the technical specs I torpedoed many of their overreaching claims, like claims of it being of gamecube capabilities and much more powerful than the PSP. Everyone expressed great interest in the system at the start before launch and Nintendo priced high, then people realised it was overpriced (in spite of getting games to look at) and ultimately waited for a price reduction where the price for perceived value of goods met their expectations.
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