#9661599, By PenguinJim Next generation of consoles come in

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    vizzini wrote:
    Do you own the console and game? Have you looked at the DF screen grabs on a screen you've played the game on? My answers to all those questions is yes, and those pictures definitely seem lackluster compared to the game's real-time visuals imo.

    Buy the console and the game to draw you own informed conclusion, rather than continue (your month long) acting as the proverbial idiot.
    You've drawn your conclusion already, though. You've looked at the game and decided it looks 1080P, and Nintendo aren't telling the truth when they say it isn't. Are you still saying it's 1080P, despite all the sources? Should I waste 249 to create my own first-hand conclusion, when you did the same and were shown to be wrong anyway?

    Two quick questions: are you still saying it's definitely 1080P?

    What's your first language?
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