#9653415, By ubergine Next generation of consoles come in

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    cubbymoore wrote:
    The PS3 has overtaken the 360 in sales, only just, by about a million or so. Although, I wonder how many of the 360 sales are second ones after the first broke. Anyway, the point is that a slow start this gen didn't make too much difference.
    I worked out that I've had seven 360's. The others didn't DIE, while I owned them, I just sold them on a regular basis to avoid failures and get better models. Currently rocking a black and a white 360 S with 250gb and 320gb respectively.

    The first three I bought were fucking terrible frankly, but none so bad as the first. I had to play Oblivion with the volume booming to try and drown out the noise, like a fucking turbine under the TV.


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