#9642252, By Ryze Next generation of consoles come in

  • Ryze 11 Jun 2013 20:26:22 3,123 posts
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    PS4's cheaper, better specced, better policies.

    Can't see any reason for an Xbox One at all. It's all about the games now, and Microsoft will have to knock it out the park over the next couple of years to avoid being severely embarrassed by the gaming community abandoning them wholesale.

    Can't wait to see the games' sales figures over the first 6-12 months now. The community's going to punish MS until they change.

    Can't tell what the mainstream are going to do, or how MS will react, but it's going to be VERY interesting, because who's likely to pay 429 between now and when the 1st Halo / Gears appears, to get THAT offering?

    When the prices are announced in the mainstream marketing campaigns, I can see everyone going for PS4, or sticking with what they've got.
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