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  • Deleted user 3 May 2013 18:14:40
    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    I think it's a very interesting concept. Rather like the Phillips rear light screens from a few years ago.

    For little processing overhead you can create a much bigger area impacted by the game.

    Finding somewhere to put it to work effectively will be the key issue
    I think it is something that only really works as intended on paper at current projector prices versus picture quality.

    Anyone that has been rocking a projector for gaming at any point will be all too aware of the day and night difference in picture quality/contrast/colour reproduction compared to any reasonable TV. The illumiroom would either need to severely handicap the TV and add lag to match the projectors image, use a 5k projector or have them produce incongruent images that start off by knowingly breaking the immersion of putting you in a nightclub disco light type of visual experience.

    It is a worthy pipedream to pursue, but probably too expensive and technologically to difficult to do well for 5-10years.
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