#9542835, By Next generation of consoles come in

  • Deleted user 1 May 2013 19:03:31
    It will be interesting to see how CoD sales hold up into the next-gen.

    Judging by how good the feel of Rage was this gen with much greater visuals I see the gap of FPS shooter finesse getting even bigger as the console's performance heads north.

    So my money is on idsoftware or Epic reclaiming their FPS multiplayer popularity from CoD, much like the way PES struggled to transition its PS2 popularity to this generation.

    As a money printing machine CoD will require a slow process of moving players to 720/PS4 to avoid damaging perception and sales of the game on 360/Ps3. To do this leaves the door wide open for an idsofttware, Epic or Valve to launch big on next-gen and take back what they feel is rightfully theirs.
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