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    The PC has always and will always offer more choice, whether through emulation on your TV or playing native games hunched in front of a monitor, it's quite literally the last vanguard against the onslaught of mega publisher AAAAAA crud and offers small and large developers alike an outlet for whatever their imagination can devise rather than what market trends dictate.

    All the cash that's been poured into marketing consoles might have brainwashed the masses and that probably sounds fanatical to those people, but it's the undeniable truth of it.
    Could you give some examples of totally awesome games that feature on PC but not consoles. I am quite happy with console gaming and don't share your view that everything other than PCs are shit. What PC titles are you reffering to when you say PC gamimg is better?
    As a typical console player, I'd point out the Civ series, TF2 (constantly being developed and improved; how many additions on xbox?), Starcraft, Company of Heroes, WoW (if you like that sort of thing)..

    :D silly question.

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