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    MoGamer2006 wrote:
    I say this as someone who really likes their PS3, and prefers its exclusives to anything on Xbox...

    ...But tomorrow's unveiling will be the usual Sony BS - the company has never had a genuinely honest new console unveiling in its whole history.

    Remember the T-Rex demo on PS1? Yeah, that was a true indicator of the games we finally got wasn't it?

    It'll be the usual barrage of 'target renders' and hyperbolic 'more power than God used to create the universe' statements.

    Oh, and if the specs are remotely accurate, anyone who genuinely thinks the PS4 will launch at Ł300 in the UK is... well, let's just say they're naive at best, deluded at worst.
    The BS is part of the fun. Try to enjoy it. :D
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