#9310948, By Ka-blamo Next generation of consoles come in

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    Why are the two consoles so similar in spec? They make out it's some secretive operation but there must be talks between the two companies.

    The specs of PS3 and Xbox will be almost identical, but it's not like these consoles will have the best hardware out there. Yet they'll be the same.

    Can someone explain this?

    I'd love to see Sony go for broke and make a 'bugatti Veyron' console, 50 Gb Ram, 16 core Cpu, 2 GTX 680s etc

    Making a company destroying loss on every console, its better to burn out than to fade away......Sony are slowly dying and pissing away their PS1 and PS2 money with bad decisions that rubs off on the developers of their biggest franchises, Gran turismo, final fantasy, pro evo(to name a few).....what a fall from grace, and zero attempt to get back to where they were.
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