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    CharlieStCloud wrote:

    It is odd.

    ... I love the tiles display on Windows Phone 8 yet I am very ho-hum about seeing the very same UI on a big screen
    I looked at one of the phones briefly a while back and had utter disdain for it. I'm surprised I could feel so strongly about an aesthetic choice, but regardless, one look and "fuck that".

    I think part if the problem is I hated Microsoft before Xbox. I did own Xbox 1 towards the end of its cycle, because EA didn't release Burnout 3 on GCN. Quickly played exclusives of interest then passed it on. The 360 kind of lulled me into the notion that it was separate from Microsoft's traditional arms, which I revile.

    Now they are all about making sure you know that Xbox shares the same office floor as the scum who make the worlds worst operating systems and office software by making them appear identical and share all the same flaws in practice and philosophy. Oops.

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