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    This year's Ask Eurogamer panel at the EG Expo is 5.30pm Friday. It's in Meeting Room 3, or wherever the GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair sessions have been taking place (the signage should be amazing - trust the signage!)

    If you're coming on Friday and fancy quizzing Rupert, Oli Welsh and myself about anything, please come along! Ask EG is an opportunity to make us look stupid by picking our brains on anything to do with Eurogamer, the Expo and associated subjects.

    Wanna know what our favourite games of all time are? (No.) Then here's your chance to find out. Wanna know why Activision isn't at the Expo this year? Haha! They are this time! Etc.

    In previous years we've had some pretty cool discussions about getting started in games journalism, how Eurogamer came about, what we want to do with the Expo in future, what's coming up on the site (the podcast was inspired by one of these panels - yes, we needed someone else to help us come up with the idea for a podcast), why we use review scores and stuff like that.

    Plus it's nice to meet you guys in person and maybe it's nice to meet us - you be the judge.

    Anyway, if you're around on Friday please come! It should be interesting or a car crash and both of those sound fun.

    Hope to see you there!

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