#526311, By Freylis Drink'n'drive then hit'n'run

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    Madder Max wrote:
    What do you think limits are in existence for? To avoid the political backlash of an outright ban on drink driving; not because its actually safe...../feels anger start to well up......exits thread...
    Not wishing to take this thread into uncharted territory, but I've lost control of my car more times through blowing my nose than through having a drink. In fact, I've never *touches wood* had any lapses after a pint. I've had plenty of near-to-curb-related incidents when I've had to sneeze and blow my nose. What do you do? Ban people with colds from driving? Get real man, even farting can knock your concentration sometimes.

    Excessive drinking on the other hand is bang out of order. Like I said, if you don't feel safe even having one drink, don't. And besides, an outright ban (i.e. having any alcohol in your system at all) could be difficult to enforce. What do you do about communion wine? Sherry trifle? You've got to put a minimum limit on it somewhere, and 1 unit sounds fair. When you start to go beyond this, you're only compounding the problem. What I'd like to see a ban on is smoking in your car; you have to take both hands off the wheel to light the damn things. You'd think there'd be more accidents attributed to that than drink-driving...

    Lastly, my apologies to Khanivor. I am trully (yes, I am) sorry to hear about your friend. My saying that it's ok to stick to the legal limit is in no way supposed to detract from the gravity of the original topic. I apologise if I've caused any offense.
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